About Us

  • ACEMS is a division of the Austin County Government
  • We are the Sole 911 Provider to the citizens of Austin County and the visitors within.
  • We cover all 663 square miles of Austin County and deliver top-quality Patient Care with Professionalism, Compassion and Dedication .

EMS-1: Shift Supervisor

Squad 10: North Paramedic

 Medic 1: Bellville

Medic 2: Sealy

Medic 3: Cat Spring

Medic 4: Wallis

Medic 5: Industry/West End

  • Service area 663 square miles
  • Over 25,000 county residents
  • Providing 24/7 Continuous Coverage



  • March 19, 1973
    Austin County Commissioners Court voted on a motion to accept responsibility to provide emergency care to the Citizens of the County.
    Also... The First Ambulances stationed in Bellville & Sealy. 
  • 1974
    Additional units placed in the Westend and Wallis
  • 1993
    Advanced Life Support was introduced to the Citizens of Austin County
  • 2012
    We have close to fifty full-time and part-time employees that provide coverage 24 / 7
    We have team members who have advanced through the EMS ranks to Paramedic Level
    We recruit from within our communities and beyond as well as
    sponsor EMS Classes to our employees and those outside the depratment 

In a little over a decade, Austin County EMS has grown from 2 Units to 7 fully equipped BLS units with MICU Capabilities. Additionally, we have 2 Ford-F150 Squads staffed with Paramedics and equipped for Advanced Life Support to deliver expedient care to the acutely ill and injured. 


Command Staff:

Executive Director: Ron Dille, EMT-P

Deputy Director: Gary Scarborough, EMT-P

Deputy Director: Jim Turnbull, EMT-P

Captain: Jesus Villanueva, EMT-P

Captain-Clinical Manager: Don Royder, EMT-P

Lieutenant:  Everett Bubak, EMT-P

Lieutenant: Justin Masson, EMT-P

Lieutenant:  Brett Coghlan, EMT-P

Support Staff:

Dept. Coordinator: Tammy Wendel, EMT-B

Medical Director: Mark Murray, MD

Chaplin: Pastor Rusty Griffin

  • 1986 - Greater Houston EMS Council
    Public Information Award - Jim Turnbull
    Public Provider of the Year - AC-EMS
  • 2001 - EMS Appreciation Award
    Sealy Chamber of Commerce
  • 2006 - TABC Shattered Dreams Award
    Outstanding Follow Up Project - AC-EMS
    Texas Department of State Heath Services
    Public Information / Injury Prevention
  • 2012 - DSHS Provider of the Year

History of EMS through combat

  • Roman Era - Field doctors 
  • Napoleon Era - Field ambulances
  • Civil War - Field medical stations
  • World War I - Expanded use of field medics
  • World War II - Use of trained field medics
  • Korean War - Expanded use of field medics and first use of helicopters
  • Vietnam War - Use of highly trained medical staff and Aero-medicine came into it's own
  • Iraq Wars - Field trauma centers, Paramedics in field combat buddy system


History of EMS in the USA

  • 1900's - 1930's
    Funeral homes used to pick up sick
    Horse Drawn ambulances used in East States
  • 1940's - 1950's
    Regulating public and private ambulances services

  • 1960's
    White Paper
    National Highway Safety Act
    1st EMT program and ECA program based on EMT

  • 1970's - 1980's
    Paramedicine was born in the LAFD
    First EMT Course in Dallas TX
    Refining of Acts
  • 1990's - 2008
    Modern Medicine takes of EMS
    Expanded roles of Pre-Hospital Professionals
  • The Future